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Thread: Forum Rules: everyone please read

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    Forum Rules: everyone please read

    Guys n gals: here are some simple rules to follow when posting on the forum and we'd appreciate it if ALL of you would adhere to them. They are there for very good reason, believe us!

    In essence, the forum is for good ol' fashioned discussion about the BTCC - any BTCC-related topic you like whether past, present or future. And goodness knows there's plenty to talk about and plenty of people who want to express their opinion. Above all, please keep it clean, lively and fun!



    Forum Rules
    1. Please do not post links/addresses etc. of other websites/their stories unless it is a credible news source - eg. the following are permitted:;; regional newspapers' websites). "Cut and paste" websites are a no no!
    2. Please do not use bad language when posting.
    3. Please avoid text speak when posting and also be clear in your post.
    4. Please keep on topic when posting in threads (the odd bit of banter we're cool about but if it goes on too much we will close the thread).
    5. Allow people to give their opinion without taking it personally if you feel someone is being offensive then let us know by PM.
    6. Personal attacks will be deleted and the member(s) responsible warned/banned.
    7. Those starting arguments will find their post deleted and themselves being warned/banned.
    8. Please try to avoid mis-leading other members with daft rumours, eg: "I think I heard someone's brother's sister's uncle who is mates with the bloke who runs the hot dog stall say blah blah... but I could be wrong." The thread will just be deleted. And you'll look silly.
    9. Do not attempt to post using a false identity - eg. a driver's name. You will be banned.
    10. If you have a complaint then let us know via a PM and we'll happily look into it.
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