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    My Forum >>>>

    I'm very happy to have the opportunity of answering your questions, however I ask that you note the following;

    1. Please first scroll through previous threads headings, to check if the subject has already been asked and answered relatively recently. Repetitive questions will usually be ignored.

    2. Please don't ask pointless/irrelevant/inane or inflammatory questions - these will simply be ignored.

    3. Please understand that there may be certain subjects/issues on which I will not (or cannot) comment or reply to - particularly those relating to a specific incidents and/or official sanctions/penalties etc.

    4. Please phrase and type your questions thoughtfully, clearly and concisely. I won't respond to abbreviated or 'SMS language' etc.

    5. Please remember that this is a public forum. Any commercial or business enquiries should be sent to our organisation via clicking here:

    6. If your questions are of a more general nature then please ask them on the main forum. We have many knowledgeable forum members that would be pleased to assist you.

    7. Please note that your question won't be immediately be displayed on the forum - it's held and then displayed immediately I reply to it.

    8. There are times when I'm unable to respond to questions promptly, due to being away from my office for extended periods. Questions are automatically stored and will be replied on my return, so please be patient and do not re-post your message.

    I always appreciate receiving intelligent questions/observations to answer and they will be given a full and considered response, whenever possible, providing they meet the above simple guidelines.

    Thank you for your interest in the BTCC.
    Alan Gow
    Series Director
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