I finally got the results for the last two rounds and the final championship standings

Sorry that it took me so long - I work with and for handicapped people and as you sure can imagine, these times are not easy...

The results prior to the last two rounds were:
Klaus: 268 p
Spanneredmonkey: 218 p
Vanilla_Astra: 143 p

Results from Snetterton:
Klaus: 108 p
Vanilla_Astra: 43 p
Spanneredmonkey: 40 p

Results from Brands II:
Vanilla_Astra: 77 p
Spanneredmonkey: 52 p

And so the final standings are:
1. Klaus with 376 points
2. Spanneredmonkey with 310 points
3. Vanilla_Astra with 263 points

We are all on the podium
And I have sth., that I can add to my signature

Thank you for participating!

Merry Christmas and happy new year - stay healthy.