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    Hello Alan,

    you (and everyone involved) did a good job in putting up the calendar for this year. I really enjoy the racing and I hope, that everything will go ahead as planed.

    As I really like the BTCC and the races are sth. I am really looking forward to, I want to say:
    Thank you.

    I just have one question:
    As other members pointed out, sth. seems to be broken and no new members are able to join. Can't this be fixed?

    Kind regards,

    BTCC Predictions Champion 2013 !

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    Thanks for the message and kind words.

    Actually our team is currently looking at what we do with the forums going forward - clearly all forums (not just ours) have experienced a considerable downturn in traffic over the last few years, given the huge increase in social media use. As well, the architecture used in our forums is outdated and effectively run by a third-party on our behalf as it doesn't use the same platform that we use on our website.

    But I don't want to sound like I know what I'm talking about, because when it comes to such things I certainly don't. However our communications team will work out the best course for the future and will communicate directly with all our forum members on whatever that is.

    Thanks for hanging in there....

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