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Thread: Why no posts since 5th August Am i missing something

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ogami View Post

    Hope you're recovering well but are you being pampered?

    am i feck mate, tbh it has eased now and i am pretty okay, was rather sore
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracsmart View Post
    What has happened, have all contributors failed to respond to latest developments
    I was thinking where have all the threads gone.

    found out you have to go into Settings>General Settings and look for Default thread age cutt off. and on the drop down menu, select show all threads.

    that way every thread ever posted will show up.

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    Yes it's a bummer, this used to be the place to come for proper discussion. TenTenths is OK but it can get a bit juvenile and shouty.

    I always thought the really brilliant thing on here was the ability to Question Alan Gow directly. I suppose when this forum finally does die that will disappear too.

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