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Thread: Stcc 1999-2001

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    Stcc 1999-2001

    I knew there are not many people here, but recently I have watched the videos of STCC in supertouring era, and actually 99-01 seasons are standing out really great.

    We have then very young DTM champ Mattias Ekstrom taking the 99' title in a very well-calculated way, and 98 BTCC Indy winner Tommy Rustad fighting for every single point with the Primera. The 00 season even has a pretty well-made official game!

    Also there were some guest appeareance of David Leslie in the 00 finale, and he did a great job to defend for Tommy, making sure he made a comeback and took the title. Though it's all swedish but I definitely recommend it to anyone who want some more supertouring actions.

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    As there is no motor racing yet, I will start watching the 2019 supercars championship. Glad, I didn't follow it last year.

    After that, I could watch some STCC...

    BTCC Predictions Champion 2013 !

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