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Thread: WTF?

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    There has been a lot of talk among the few remaining active members of the forum that it has been abandoned in favour of others like FB, tentenths etc.

    But have TOCA abandoned the website altogether? Recently I've seen...

    • Loads more updates and features on TCT
    • TCT getting news out before this site
    • This site is about 2 days out of date at the moment while TCT is bang up to date.

    The jewel in the crown of this site was the ability to ask Mr Gow a question on the forum and get a swift, sometimes curt, but accurate reply. Even that appears to have gone.

    Is dead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daviephd View Post
    Is dead?
    Dying, methinks. As someone recently posted the newest member joined 3rd Mar 2016. Having said that, someone else posted about issues with the Mods not responding.

    The stats for now are about average for usage:

    Currently Active Users

    There are currently 29 users online. 1 members and 28 guests

    Most users ever online was 379, 4th Aug 2013 at 02:54 PM.

    I think, as you pointed out, FB, Twitter and others take precedence for cost and maintenance reasons but I refuse to use them for various reasons.

    And even Eunos hsan't been on since last year.

    Yep, definitely dying.

    I'm terrified of dying because I'm having a jolly good time down here.

    James Hunt

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    I just wrote a pretty long reply... But I had been logged out and now it's all gone.

    I'm too tired to write it all again and I have to work tomorrow. That's why, the short answer : is not fast, but I still like the site. And I still like this forum. I'm not a member of any other forum, nor FB or Twitter.
    I hope that some users come back - we keep it alive with threads about the death (like this one)

    It's not the same as a few years ago... Most people use FB or Twitter and I can see, why the organizers concentrate on those channels...

    BTCC Predictions Champion 2013 !

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    Im one of those who whilst i AM a member of the many BTCC related groups on Facebook and the like, i just dont get on with them.... too much garbage to wade through, and can never follow a discussion as it gets lost amongst everything else.

    This place is dying, clearly, but its a hell of a shame.

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    been dying a slow lingering death for years, probably since carl mckellar left as btcc pr, that must be 8 years ago.... time to put it out of its misery
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reidy_fan View Post
    been dying a slow lingering death for years, probably since carl mckellar left as btcc pr, that must be 8 years ago.... time to put it out of its misery
    Ah Carl, is he still with WRC now?

    Yeah but generally I am in favour of Facebook much more as well, since I was also associated with other sports that can be gained easy access to. It's been going downhill since 2011 I think.

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