Good afternoon Mr Gow, great racing so far in 2019.

Ref. the link above, whilst I can understand the frustration felt by drivers if they feel they have been punted off I think the article is a bit strong. No-one wants to see a big drivers door impact or drivers hurt and I'm glad AJ is OK even if the car needs work.

Does an interview like this add spice to the show, or does it make the championship look bad? and whilst we live in a free country are the drivers free to talk about the championship and/or fellow competitors as they wish?

For me the reason the BTCC may be "like this" is that is't a more prestigious series and the stakes are higher. Comparing it to racing someone elses' historic car for a bit of a jape is hardly a worthy comparison.

Looking forward to the next meeting, and seeing AJ back in a straight BMW.