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Thread: 2019 Predictions Comp

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    2019 Predictions Comp

    Hello everyone!

    With the new season almost upon us, who would like a 2019 Forum Predictions Competition to be run by myself?

    I've done it for the last couple of years and I'm more than happy to run one again this year if there is enough interest.

    If people are interested, is there anything you'd like to see added, removed or simplified?

    I'll make the points scoring easier to work out this year, rounds 5 and 10 will be double point events.

    If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to put them here and I'll try and incorporate them.


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    I'm in! reckon I'll make a right **** of it but I'll give it a go

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    I'm going to opt out this year but thanks very much for your hard work putting this game together

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    For your own ease, have you considered just creating a public (or private i guess) league on WWW.FANTASYBTCC.COM? Im nothing to do with it, but ive created teams on there before to compete against friends. Hope this isnt seen as trying to sabotage your own efforts, just figured it might be a simpler way for you to run it, takes away the hassle of you trying to calculate everyones points after each round.
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    I am in! thanks for running it again!

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    You can count me in. I had some highs and lows last year. Let's see what fun this season can bring😁😁

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