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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake View Post
    How strange !!

    So why not for JP - or are you saying JP had forgotten how to drive for two years.

    Although Warren Scott is Sutton's Manager, perhaps that holds the answer.
    Good god, the Plato conspiracy theorists strike again! Plato brought both Subaru and Adrian Flux to the team. Do you really think Warren Scott would jeopardise his own driver? Who could have left but stayed for three seasons? And was with him in a VW the season previous to that. It might just be that RWD didn't suit his style as much as FWD in touring cars and that the car had a particular way that Sutton exploited far better.

    No, you're right, Scott nobbled one of his own cars.

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    I do think there was something strange in the plato BMR relationship

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swedishshuffle View Post
    I do think there was something strange in the plato BMR relationship
    I think the relationship between JP and Warren Scott soured very early on their contract, I was watching an interview with JP between races and Warren came out of a door in the background and shot a look of pure disgust at JP's back. I have the feeling that JP came to the team with the Subaru deal and Adrian Flux sponsorship and fully expected to be boss of the team in all but name but didn't get his way. I think Warren would have let the team go belly up rather than surrendering control to Plato.

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