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Thread: Sutton Penalty

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    Sutton Penalty

    Good morning Mr Gow,

    Snetterton was great and the Diamond Double was a great event. I think it did go to show that your BofP works just fine as when the success ballast was removed the finishing order was still established front runners.

    The one disappointment for me was that we didn't get to see Ashley Sutton fighting his way through due to the penalty incurred.

    Do you think there may be some value in considering a rule change where a team fault and driver fault are considered separate and distinct? from my opinion I reckon that allowing Ashley to race on but not allowing the team to add his points to their tally would have been fairer.

    David, Scotland.
    (Looking forward to going to Knockhill)

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    Not all penalties involve the driver - there are plenty of team penalties that don't directly affect the driver.

    However if a team does something against the regulations which could actually give their driver an unfair on-track advantage over all others, then of course it's appropriate that the driver gets a penalty. Otherwise teams would simply pay a fine, or whatever, in order to give their driver that on-track advantage.....

    In the case of Ash Sutton the team made the additional mistake of stopping him in the pit-lane for only 10 seconds, rather than the mandated 30 second penalty, so of course he had to come back in again to serve the proper time penalty.

    The teams know the regulations. And if they break them they know the's very simple.

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