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Thread: Comments on racing contact and the serious consequences

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    Comments on racing contact and the serious consequences

    Hi Alan,
    I'm a long term fan and have seen the series grow over the last 20 years through a very low period and back again. With the regulations in their current form, I see the creation of quite a serious differential of cornering speed vs straight line speed. Yet an extremely narrow differential across the entire lap. Great at first glance with close racing, but for me, I see that speed differential has gone too far, creating "last gasp" overtakes and a desperate need to hold your track position.
    In light of your comments post-Silverstone, I wonder if Toca had noted this negative side to the close racing and that maybe the regulations had gone too far towards equality?
    Many Thanks

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    No, not at all.

    Iím sure we can all cite examples of quite a few series in the UK and around the world where the cars are very equal in performance, or even very unequal, yet donít have the same amount of large and unnecessary contact that we have had lately.

    Light contact is somewhat of an inevitability with very close racing. However heavy contact and expensive damage is not.

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