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Thread: What now for Plato?

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    He's all happy with himself now.

    I think he would be better waiting and see how he goes at Rockingham before he starts claiming he is happy with the car again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by piesjohn13 View Post
    I dont agree. He may have been quiet while not performing well... but to swear on live TV, it seemed intentionally (many other choices) and to follow with a 2 finger salute... in front of a family audience. I would think Ok if that was someone else. But the profile he has, and his media background... he should know VERY much better than that.
    I agree the post race 2 interview was out of order. He's undoubtedly a great driver and a massive talent but I find he just ruins it by the way he conducts himself in interviews - playing up to the cameras and just being generally arrogant and smug. I certainly haven't missed him from the front of the grid, it's a shame he's found his form again.
    It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

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    Good to see JP at the sharp end again. It's definitely more entertaining when he is

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