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Thread: Electric vehicles in BTCC?

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    Electric vehicles in BTCC?

    Hi Alan,

    Congratulations on what looks to be another great season of highly competitive racing. The round by round swing from one driver to another makes for great entertainment.

    I have a question as to the future direction of the BTCC regulations.

    As I'm sure you're aware there have been several decisions announced recently surrounding the increasing move to electric cars, among which :
    • UK government expected to ban petrol and diesel only new car sales from 2040.
    • All Volvos to be electric or hybrid by 2019.
    • Porsche withdrawing from LMP1 Le Mans racing to race in Formula E.
    • Mercedes withdrawing from DTM to race in Formula E.

    I know that the BTCC over recent years has become more of an independent based championship rather than a manufacturer one, but I don't expect you want to close the door on manufacturers and even independent teams will find the pool of suitable cars diminishing with the move to electric/hybrid.

    Given this move throughout motorsport and in daily life towards electric vehicles I was wondering if you expected the next revision of BTCC regulations to include regulations for electric vehicles or do you expect some sort of separate National Electric championship to be more likely, similar to what Formula E is to Formula 1?

    If there is an intention to support electric vehicles in the BTCC regulations, would you see the championship still being one class with some sort of equivalency formula or as multiple classes?

    Thanks once again for what looks to be a great season of BTCC racing.

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    You've asked a great question, but unfortunately one that is almost impossible to answer at this time.

    The current BTCC regulations are set until 2022, so over the next 2-3 years we (in very close conjunction with the teams) will be formulating the next set of revisions/regulations - and it's far too early to say what technical elements they may or may not incorporate.

    But if you ask me in another couple of years then I'm sure I will be able to provide you with a better answer!

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