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Thread: Oh Dear

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    Oh Dear

    So it's coming, TCR UK, oh dear....

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    Why Oh dear ? I can't see a problem with another touring car series in Britain, they're not necessarily in direct competition, it gives me another series to watch and a platform to allow other drivers to compete in a touring car series who can't get on to the capacity BTCC grid. Or is there a reason I'm missing ?

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    Why oh dear?

    It's not going to be a threat to BTCC, that was never the idea.

    Well built, and reasonable quick cars. Likely to get a decent sized grid. What's the problem?

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    Hope it's really not a threat for BTCC.
    With teams like motorbase not able to get a sponsor for the first half of a season or a champion like Turkington having problems to find a drive (both happened in the last few years) it could be a problem, because teams and drivers could leave BTCC.
    Doesn't have to happen, but it could. Just because it's cheaper doesn't mean it's no threat.

    In the international TCR series, there are some well known drivers doing full season or just a few races...

    It's not really a good comparison, but the Procar series in Germany only lasted one more year, after TCR Germany was introduced. ...won't happen in the UK and with the BTCC... but they said it's no threat because of cheaper prices before the first season started.

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    well it's kinda like this.....


    Look at the amount of WTCC drivers also doing rounds of the various TCR Series...

    Look at the fact that a team could "graduate" from a national/regional series to the International Series without changing cars...

    Teams don't have to develop their own cars or buy a 2nd string one from an existing team to enter the series...

    New teams can (if they can afford it) buy a brand new car of the same spec as the championship leaders...


    I don't see much international drivers beating a path to race in the series...

    The BTCC is the Pinnacle of UK touring cars but the cars can't race in any other series...

    Teams without the expertise to develop their own car have to buy 2nd string cars from other teams...

    New teams entering have to either develop their own, or pay a fortune for said 2nd string cars...

    I love the BTCC, but if TCR gains a foothold it could be absorbed, or doomed...

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    or BTCC drops NGTC rules and moves to TCR rules eventually.

    Might screw over manufacturer teams though.
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    It may well be the beginning of the end, costs are rising and TCR in a way will make sense for teams, the level playing field will also attract drivers, frankly as long as racing is close and big entries plentiful the crowds will follow.

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