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Thread: BTCC Forum Predictions 2017: Snetterton

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    BTCC Forum Predictions 2017: Snetterton

    Hello forumers!

    Welcome to the sixth round of the 2017 BTCC Forum Predictions Championship, with your host vanilla_astra. This thread covers Snetterton, round 6 of the season.

    The concept is this, firstly you will have to pick the driver who you think will qualifying on Pole Position for Sunday's 1st race, you then pick the drivers you will think will finish 1st 2nd 3rd in the first two races and then the driver who you think the reverse pole sitter will be plus the grid switch between 6 and 10, then 1st 2nd 3rd for the third and final race. New for 2017 is the prediction of the fastest lap setter of each race, instead of the fastest lap of the day.

    The Jack Sears Trophy section remains, with 5 drivers able to win this category.

    New for this weekend is the option round - bit like the drivers having to choose a race to run the option tyres, everyone can now choose one race out of the three where you predict the top 3, but if your drivers finish inside the top 5, you'll score the incorrect position points for it.

    For example;

    1. Mat Jackson
    2. Rob Austin
    3. Matt Neal

    That is your prediction - but the actual result is;

    1. Colin Turkington
    2. Rob Austin
    3. Ash Sutton
    4. Mat Jackson
    5. Matt Neal

    You'd score 10 Points for Austin in the correct spot and 5 each for Mat J and Matt Neal.

    To highlight which race you'd like to choose - please either highlight the race or put it in italics. This will run for Snetterton and Knockhill as a test, and will be evaluated after Knockhill. Any questions, please ask.

    And you set it up like this;


    Race 1
    Fastest Lap:

    JST winner:

    Race 2
    Fastest Lap:

    JST Winner:

    Grid Switch:
    Reverse Pole:

    Race 3
    Fastest Lap:

    JST Winner:

    In terms of scoring here's how my game works:

    You get 20 points if you predict Pole Position for Race 1 correctly
    You get 10 points if you predict a driver to finish in the correct position.
    You get 5 points if you predict a driver in an incorrect position but he finishes in the top 3.
    You get 50 points if you predict the Top 3 drivers in the correct positions.
    You get 15 points if you predict reverse pole for Race 3 correct.
    You get 15 points for correctly predicting the grid switch number for the reverse grid draw.
    You get 5 points if you predict Fastest Lap of each race correctly.
    You get 5 points for each correct JST finisher per race.

    Entries close at 9am of the Saturday - any recieved after this will not be entered. Any changes to entries must be cleared with me unless its news on (aka driver out of the weekend, force majeure etc).

    Results will be up by the following Sunday.

    Good luck all!

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    Pole: Ash Sutton

    Race 1
    1st: Ash Sutton
    2nd: Colin Turkington
    3rd: Gordon Shedden
    Fastest Lap: Colin Turkington

    JST winner: Senna Proctor

    Race 2
    1st: Gordon Shedden
    2nd: Matt Neal
    3rd: Rob Austin
    Fastest Lap: Matt Neal

    JST Winner: Ant Wharton-Eales

    Grid Switch: 10
    Reverse Pole: Aiden Moffat

    Race 3
    1st: Mat Jackson
    2nd: Aiden Moffat
    3rd: Josh Cook
    Fastest Lap: Mat Jackson

    JST Winner: Senna Proctor

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    Pole: Sutton

    Race 1
    1st: Sutton
    2nd: Goff
    3rd: Turkington
    Fastest Lap: Sutton

    JST winner: Proctor

    Race 2
    1st: Turkington
    2nd: Sutton
    3rd: Ingram
    Fastest Lap: Shedden

    JST Winner: Wharton-Eales

    Grid Switch: 9
    Reverse Pole: Hill

    Race 3
    1st: Collard
    2nd: Austin
    3rd: Hill
    Fastest Lap: Goff

    JST Winner: Proctor

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