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Thread: use of lights in addition to flag signals

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    use of lights in addition to flag signals


    any plans to insist that circuits use either FIA spec lights or high intensity LED lights in addition to flags for BTCC events, okay having lights would have made very little difference to what happened at croft but you have to agree a high intensity LED is more visible than a conventional flag. I know a lot of tracks already have them often powered by a yuasa leisure battery and solar panel, perhaps even Yuasa batteries could supply equipment at favorable rates for tracks that dont have lights

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    Such things are entirely between the MSA and the venues.
    Whilst TOCA can and does encourage the use of them, we obviously cannot insist that a venue change from what their MSA/FIA circuit licence mandates.

    However its pleasing to note that, increasingly, some circuits are installing them at the more critical flag points.

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