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Thread: The bell tolls for NGTC methinks

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    The bell tolls for NGTC methinks

    A worrying development for BTCC fans. STCC has already gone TCR, VW are pulling out of the WRC with TCR to be their main focus, talk of it spreading to Australia too.

    A Global Series with Regional and National feeders
    Cars available off the shelf with no development costs
    Audi fully prepared car 130,000 EUR off the shelf
    All others cheaper

    How long until someone asks to race one in the BTCC?

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    The main TCR issue is that they don't allow 'manufacturer' teams in - so I can't see BTCC getting affected.

    TBH, I'd be more concerned about WTCC and TC1, with Citroen and LADA leaving after the Qatar finale...

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    yeah.... but no... but yeah.....

    I see what you are saying, I've always thought that WTCC didn't offer such good racing as our series and as the WTCC continues to lose manufacturers I reckon it's in its death throes and will probably either dissolve or merge with the TCR International Series.

    In the BTCC we only have 3 manufacturer teams (MG - Honda - Scooby) and as far as I know the support isn't really "full works" support.

    I know the TCR cars are lower spec and slower than ours (basically Leon Cup Spec) but their growth has been great and they are attracting some quality drivers.

    When we had BTC(T) spec cars (Astra Coupe - Honda Integra etc) someone wanted to run an S2000 car (Seat I believe). Before long a Balance of Performance was reached and a few years later it was an S2000 series.

    Seat have built 200 TCR spec cars for customers all over the world, that is a "works program" even if they ain't racing the cars themselves. VW and Audi are joining the Party, the cars are cheap, off the shelf, with national, regional and global series to race in. I think for drivers it may start to look like a better option than the BTCC. I hope not, but I won't be surprised if it happens....

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    Had this debate before.

    First, NGTC are quite a bit quicker than TCR. You can imagine the debate that is going to happen over equalisation.
    Second, we've still got 30 car grids, and (hopefully) the B-TEC feeder series coming as well. Potentially meaning there could be over 40 NGTC cars racing this year.

    BTCC is up there with DTM, Supercars et al as one of the biggest regional touring car series in the world, and certainly the biggest 'true' touring car series. (No V8's or stupid amounts of aero)

    I don't think BTCC needs to worry about TCR in the near future. However, maybe at the end of the NGTC cycle (in 2021 I think?), and they start looking for another set of rules, if TCR is still going strong, then we might get a modified version. Still way off yet though.

    I can see WTCC changing to a TCR type spec though. That series is nearly dead.

    Oh, and with regards to VW. TCR is much cheaper than a works effort in LMP1 and WRC after dieselgate.
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    The debate rages on.....

    I still hear that bell tolling.....

    TCR spec cars being adopted as WTCC2 -

    TCR being added to the Monaco Undercard -

    as they say in Game of Thrones "Winter is Coming"

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