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Thread: Kieth O'dor-20 years on

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    Kieth O'dor-20 years on

    Very luckily,I found an old record of the 1995 ADAC STW season review,and when watching it I realized how good Kieth O'dor is,always uncompromising and always willing to take risk for places,driving that uncompetitive Primera to points and even victory.

    And then that sad moment came.

    It was not until then when I noticed that he is gone for 20 years now,such a fighter who would always running at the sharp end,and such a loss to their family and the whole touring car community.

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    Remember him, always a trier, how times slips passed without us noticing.

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    Unfortunately I wasn't old enough to remember him racing live.

    There was a BTCC season review that I watched, possibly 1993, where he dragged the most out of a bog standard Nissan Primera and won a race at Silverstone. He did seem like a real tryer from what I've seen of him in old footage.

    Anyway, as said earlier, time passes by very quickly these days. RIP still Kieth.

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    If memory serves me correctly I was at Oulton Park in 1995, watching John Cleland win the btcc title, when it was announced on the tannoy that Kieth had been injured in a serious crash in Germany, and sadly we all know the outcome. I also remember him "welcoming" Andy Rouse back to the 1993 btcc in the Mondeo at Pemberey at hatchetts hairpin

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    Keith was a top bloke! Many people thought his family heritage was Irish with the way his surname was spelt but actually his dad had emigrated to the UK from Hungary!
    His real surname was actually spelt Ódor!

    Great driver, very good overtaker and always gave 110%

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    20 years goodness how time flies.

    I can remember his first race in that Primera what a dog of a car, and so were some of the later models.

    A really nice guy, JP's cousin if I remember correctly.


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    I was sure that he was related to plato and then someone told me i was talking nonsense. Glad i am not the only one that thought they were cousins

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    I was also told they were cousins. And the person who told me was Jason Plato, so I think it's true.

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