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    I like motorsport related clothing. I like to wear it as my everyday clothing away from the circuits.

    I'm aware that this probably makes me a little bit odd or geeky - but if that's the case, then so be it.

    To satisfy this need, I often pick up t-shirts/fleeces/jackets/hats when I'm at the circuits - usually discounted stuff from previous years but sometimes current stuff if it's Airwaves/RAR/Welch related.

    One thing I never seem to find though is specific BTCC related clothing (as opposed to BTCC team related). I've seen a few people wearing blue BTCC jackets, or BTCC t-shirts, but never any for sale.

    Is there no current official BTCC related clothing? If not, why not? I can't be the only odd geeky one out there?

    I thought I'd ask in here first, but guess it may be one for Mr Gow's forum?

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    I seem to remember that Dread had some stuff last year or early this year but it doesnt appear to be on the website anymore

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    I think Unlap might have some general (but not official) BTCC wear - might be worth a try?
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    Dread used to do a fairly semi-decent range of 'official', general BTCC gear.

    Since then, they've started to focus on flogging over-priced, usually out-of-date, team merchandise instead.

    A shame, as reasonably priced, good quality general BTCC merchandise would be a big seller.

    Unlap does a few 'grunge' BTCC shirts that look really smart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManorBARC View Post
    A shame, as reasonably priced, good quality general BTCC merchandise would be a big seller.
    Completely agree. A small percentage of the profits would also find their way back into the BTCC coffers too, which all helps to make the series stronger.

    I think I'll ask the question of Mr Gow. Would be good to know if there are any plans for 2014.

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    I really like the BTCC logo, shame its not available on clothing. Maybe because its not time limited and therefore people would not rush out to buy 'this season's model'.

    But I bet it would be a decent seller, and good advertising though.

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